Note this is the magnetic type and not suction cup.

These internal aquarium fish tank protein skimmers are designed to be fully integrated saving on the space required for a medium-sized protein skimmer with pump attachment. They can be used within your fish tank itself or in an external filtration system like a sump.

The WG-318 skimmers are primarily designed for use with small marine nano aquariums and include detachable needle wheel impeller venturi separation pumps.

WG-318A model includes high quality magnet attachment for attaching the skimmer to your aquarium glass.
WG-318B model includes a large suction pad with lever to enforce the suction, as well as a bracket that can be installed in place of the suction pad allowing you to hand the skimmer from the rim of your fish tank.

Please note the pump inlet on these skimmers has approximately an 8mm diameter opening. Please assess the inhabitants of your fish tank in case they may be small enough to be sucked in. You can cover the inlet with some net or foam but this may reduce its performance slightly.

 High quality needle wheel impeller pump
 Venturi pipe included with air flow adjuster
 Detachable collection cup for easy cleaning
 Pump detached by simply unscrewing
 Includes blue foam to reduce micro bubbles escaping into your aquarium
 A model includes magnet attachment for securing to your aquarium glass
 B model includes suction pad attachment and tank rim bracket (fits rims up to 30mm) for securing to your aquarium glass

 Model: WG-318
 Flow rate; 100 – 150 litres per hour
 Suitable for aquariums 100 – 150 litres
 Power: 7.5w
 Dimensions: 318 x 67 x 110mm (H x W x L)
 FREE 12 Months warranty