hw® ionic Carbon 1L



The effective detoxification treatment for fresh and sea water aquariums.

hw® ionic is the ideal filter medium for the removal of dissolved, organic substances in fresh and sea water aquariums. hw-ionic is recommended for filtering overstocked and polluted aquariums and also after medication treatment.

hw® ionic is a two-component filter medium. The first component consists of a special, high-quality active carbon which absorbs colorants, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides as well as chlorine, ozone and other gaseous substances. The second component consists of a unique combination of various ion-exchange resins which absorb mainly ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

hw® ionic, the ideal filter medium for polluted aquarium water.

With bio filters and all other filter media dependent on nitrification bacteria, ammonia and nitrate are not usually absorbed, but converted into nitrate. As a consequence of this conversion process, a dangerously high concentrate of nitrate can be produced in aquarium water; one of the most frequent causes of sudden mass fish mortality.

Occasional filtering via hw® ionic prevents such unpleasant surprises, because hw® ionic absorbs particularly the precursors of the nitrate, namely ammonia and nitrate, and so harmful nitrate cannot be produced. Other pollutants present in aquarium water are also reliably absorbed:

  • All metabolic products such as uric acid, protein and nitrate.
  • All pollutants resulting from the dissolution of algae.
  • Chlorine, ozone, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.

hw® ionic also removes the yellow tinge in seawater aquariums and is pH neutral in sea and fresh water ,i.e. the pH is neither raised nor lowered.

To avoid lowering the iron content in aquarium water, which is absolutely vital to plant growth, the high-quality active charcoal used in hw® ionic coated with iron in a special process. This iron is gradually released into the aquarium water as required.

hw® ionic should not be confused with ”plain active charcoal”. Active charcoal filters oversaturated with harmful substances are subject to the so-called ”break-through” phenomenon, where all absorbed pollutants are suddenly discharged into the aquarium water. This is absolutely impossible with hw® ionic, because all pollutant particles present as ions are retained in a vacuum of more than 100 bar. This reliably prevents any discharge of harmful substances into the aquarium water.

In contrast to almost all other filter media, hw® ionic does not require any starting time and is ”fully active” from the very first minute. That means that new aquariums can immediately be stocked with animals, so that the time-consuming ”running-in” of aquariums and filter systems is unnecessary.

For water treatment with hw® ionic, we recommend, apart from purely mechanical coarse dirt filters, sole filtering via hw-ionic (1000 ml of hw® ionic to 100 liters of sea or fresh water).
A filter filled with the prescribed quantity of hw® ionic will last for about three to four months in normally stocked aquariums.

After this time, the absorption capacity of hw® ionic is normally exhausted. This time can reduce in heavily stocked aquariums and increase in lightly stocked aquariums. It is recommended to carry out a nitrate test every four weeks.