Jebao Dosing Pump Range 3 stage – 5 stage


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The Jebao/Jecod Dosing pump system is an affordable easy solution to keep your tank parameters stable. Each Dosing Pump can be programmed  24 times per day to dispense liquid volumes between 1 and 9999ml per day.  The clear display, makes the dosing pump easy to use in any size tank.  The Jebao/Jecod Auto dosing pump comes with a Power plug and once calibrated, will work fully automated with ease.  The dosing pump is ideal for dosing your tank for  Calcium, Magnesium and AB Water or any other liquids if required.

Product Specifications:

Dosing Channels: 3
Operation Voltage 110V~230V
Channel Capacity:  1 to 9999ml per day
Channel Programable:  24 times per day each
Australia SAA Plug
Dimension: 234.7 x 150x 65.5 mm

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DP-3 (3 stage), DP-4 (4 stage), DP-5 (5 Stage)