Idol Marine Easy Roll Filter System



Idol Marine Easy Roll

Incorporating the Easy Roll as part of the aquariums filtration system will result in far superior nutrient removal over filter socks and sponge pads, due to the fact that the Easy Roll removes organic material completely from the water column as the filter material gets saturated.

Easy Roll removes organic particles from the water column, the same as a protein skimmer removes organic waste from a system. As the particles are removed from the water to the “waste roll” no further breakdown to nitrate and phosphate can take place. With filter socks and pads organic breakdown keeps happening up until the time that the socks or pads are removed for cleaning.

Easy Roll is also a huge time saver as the roll only gets replaced after 25 meters of material has been used.

So… Use Easy Roll,
It is a no-brainer


  • Position Easy Roll so that it will be easy to disconnect from plumbing in order to replace the roll
  • With Easy Roll installed completely above the water level the maximum flow rate of 6500l/h can be supplied to the unit. The deeper the Easy Roll basket is submerged into the water the lower the flow that can be supplied will be.
  • Should water come out of “CHECK LEVEL SENSOR”
    1. Could be faulty level sensor
    2. Could be faulty motor
    3. External water level too high
  • To replace the filter roll use supplied thumb socket. Remove three screws from motor flange. Pull motor out while holding side panel in place. Discard roll and install new roll on roll holder.
  • Install bracket as per diagram with tool supplied.